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Eternamedia Mandev

Eternamedia Mandev I have the standard EPageWiz-pro which works fine and have no problems with it.
I tried on a number of occasions to contact DNAML to find out about an upgrade from the standard version to the DRM version - eventually after about 2 weeks of constant barraging with emails and messages I got the reply "what is your question"? When I explained I wanted to know about an upgrade, I was told they are two separate packages and therefore no upgrade available.
I bit the bullet and purchased the new version (which is identical).
When it was downloaded, I tried the drm facility. I could not upload to my server because I was told DNAML servers were down and that caused the problem. Eventually DNAML servers back up and running, but the DRM program refused to upload anything to the server. The standard version worked, but the new program did not. I was given a few options of re-installing the editor files etc, but this did not help. When I sent screen shots and video files to explain the problem, I was told they would get back to me - nothing heard.

Eventually, I lost patience with them and requested a refund via PayPal - they replied within half an hour to PayPal saying that I was looking for a cheaper product and that there was nothing wrong with this DRM version.
This is incorrect. I paid for the goods, they DO NOT work. I already have
2 packages of Desktop Author, and the EPageWiz-pro which work fine. The
Epagewiz3 DOES NOT WORK, what has this to do with wanting a cheaper version?

The company has a "support" pop up on their website, but it is never on and therefore you have to leave messages (which they don't reply to).
The company has a "contact us" page you complete - which they don't reply to.
A terrible, terrible company to try and deal with. You cannot get through to telephone numbers, emails or contact pages.

Best to stay away from this company until they can better (or at least create) their support system.

All the purchases are automated and done swiftly (this is perfected), but complete contrast to support.

Would I recommend this company and its products?!
Only if they sort out their service and support, but at the moment, I recommend giving them a miss!

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